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SmartGamesAndToys carries smart toys and fun games that allow your children to learn and develop through creative play and discovery.

If you are a parent or know kids, you have seen how kids love toys! Your kids might not realize the importance of certain toys because they just think they are fun, but if you know the benefits of smart games and toys then you can help enhance your child's development. So how do you find the right toys? At SmartGamesAndToys, we want to help answer that question so you can share in your child's journey of learning and developing.

We are surrounded by ever increasing technological advancements which if not properly managed can hinder a child's ability to focus. Activities such as puzzles allow children to hone in on focusing skills by observing a problem (putting the broken puzzle back together) and finding a solution. This does more than challenge thinking and exercising the mind, it also has other learning benefits such as fine motor development and hand/eye coordination.

Through awareness of the right learning tools you can boost your child's mental and physical growth and open doors to greater learning opportunities. We want to supply you with the knowledge and resources so we have categorized our games and toys to make your shopping as simple as possible. In our active section you will find outdoor activities, ride-on toys and water play. Explore our great outdoor toys for enhancing motor skills like our golf putt game or bocce set.

If you are shopping for puzzles, we carry wooden puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, floor puzzles and much more. Looking for books? We have books for science activities or just fun, relaxed reading.

Whether your focus is on a specific skill development or learning growth in general we have beneficial games and toys in our active, create, discover and learning categories.

Your child will retain more when they have fun while learning. Prepare your child for a lifetime of learning with SmartGamesAndToys! Whether it's summer or winter or if your child is in school yet or not there are many ways the whole family can benefit from our smart games and toys.  Now is the perfect time to start training your brain and developing skills that will last a lifetime.  So get creative with your kids; sit on the floor with them or get outside and PLAY!

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